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New Year Spell


Unlike the lame "new year's resolutions" the non-magical folk make, casting a New Year Spell is quite a different matter.


Magicians are much more conscious of what they want, and what they want is far more far reaching than just a big house, a wife and a big car. There are levels and layers to reality which, when aligned, make magical things happen, and that's the core of this New Year's Spell.


There is a base pattern with this New Year Spell which allows you to personalize this spell in many different ways and create your own custom New Years Ritual that way. I've given the base pattern followed by ideas for alternatives in each case.

 The basic structure of this New Year's Spell is to use the 12 houses of the Zodiac like a clock face to place intentions for the 12 months of the coming year.

 For each clock position, we place a marker and evoke our intentions with a simple spell.

 Each clock position corresponds to one of the houses of the Zodiac, starting with Aries at 1 o'clock and finishing with Pisces at 12 o'clock.

 When the whole clock/year/zodiac is complete, we bless the whole thing altogether and let it become a symbol sphere, which makes it more than the sum of its parts.

 Here is the whole New Year Spell, step by step:


Preparing for the New Year's Spell


 1 – Aries – Seeds, new beginnings, inspiration, new projects, birth.

 2 – Taurus – Earthly success, material wealth, physical health.

 3 – Gemini – Communication, messages, information.

 4 – Cancer – Relationships with self, other people and higher forces.

 5 – Leo – Art, romance, luck, free will, creativity, love.

 6 – Virgo – Service, family, community, organisation.

 7 – Libra – Harmony, balance, negotiations, resolutions.

 8 – Scorpio – Magic, philosophy, sex, death, alchemy.

 9 – Sagittarius – Spirituality, universal consciousness, law, science.

 10 – Capricorn – Power, authority, fame, empire building.

 11 – Aquarius – Renewal, evolution, transcending the old, trans-personal.

 12 – Pisces – Soul, karmic matters, mysteries, far journeys.


Copy out the 12 houses of the zodiac below and consider what you want to have happen for the next year in that department.

 For example, 1, Aries, is about new beginnings. What do you want to begin or start afresh? Make up your mind and write it down, for example, I want to start exercising regularly.

 Put your desire into this form of spell:


Goddess of the Moon

God of the Sun

Please hear my plea:

Bring (...) to me

In perfect love and harmony

This is my will, so Mote it Be!


In our example, we could choose to say:


Goddess of the Moon

God of the Sun

Please hear my plea:

Bring wondrous exercise to me

In perfect love and harmony

This is my will, so Mote it Be!


Work your way through all the 12 houses/positions so you know what you are going to say; write it down if necessary.


 Gathering The New Year's Spell/Ritual Ingredients For The New Years Spell


The base pattern for this spell is to light a white candle for each one of the 12 sub-spells/positions. This can be a candle or a tea light and when all are lit, you have a quite wonderful "circle of lights."

 *Personalization Notes For The New Year's Spell: For those who can't manage 12 candles for whatever reason, you can use other markers instead, for example 12 clear quartz crystals, or 12 pebbles at a pinch. The main thing is that something happens after you have spoken the spell. Either you light the candle and place it into the circle, or kiss the crystal/stone/marker and place it in the circle. That concludes the 12 individual sub-spells each time.

 There is no need to cast a circle for this spell/ritual as the completed Circle of Lights is clearly its own circle and focuses the energy of the 12 spells by virtue of being an established circle; but if you want to cast one and invite the quarters, by all means, feel free to do so.

 If you want, you can mark out the places on your New Year's Spell clock before you start with chalk/sand circles, or by placing pictures of the Zodiac signs down, or using a ritual cloth or painting with the Zodiac circle upon it. It's not necessary however as the Circle of Lights comes into being anyway when you light/place the markers.


 Doing The New Year Spell/Ritual


Be clear in your mind what you are going to ask for on each one of the positions; have it written down if necessary.

 Set a nice ambiance (many practitioners prefer to take a ritual bath and get dressed in ceremonial clothes and jewelry before they start).

 Have your candles ready to hand and the space to place them.

 * Personalization note: You can do this New Years Spell on a table top, or on the floor, and you can be inside the Circle of Lights, or outside of it and make it smaller.

 Relax, loosen up any tense body parts, take three deep breaths and evoke:


On this night,

I bless the year to come

My will be heard,

My will be done.


Light the first candle, evoke the requisite spell for the 1 o'clock position and place the candle in the 1 o'clock position.

 Take a deep breath in and out and clear your mind.

 Pick up the next candle, light it from the 1st and evoke the spell for the 2 o'clock position.

 Repeat until the whole Circle of Lights is established.


With both hands over the circle in a clockwise direction, evoke:


On this night

I bless the year to come

My will was heard,

and it is done.


Bow and either snuff the candles or if safe/possible, leave the candles to burn out through the rest of the night.


by StarFields

Adapted by Rowan Morgana