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Samhain is coming!

May be an image of text that says 'ACCESS THE SPIRIT WORLD WITH A DUMB SUPPER'

Food has been offered to the dead throughout history, from prehistoric man through to the Celts, Egyptians, Romans, Japanese, Chinese, and even in the Catholic church. Dining with the dead is an ancient tradition that honors our divine ancestors regardless of culture or creed. Whether you're a Witch or simply wish to embrace your loved ones on the other side, lay an extra plate at your table on Samhain Eve,  In this case, "dumb" means silent; once the food is served, silence is observed throughout the dinner. By remaining quiet, you will open your heart and mind to those who have crossed over. You may feel a ghostly touch, detect a perfume scent, hear messages, or even witness physical manifestations of spirit energy.   It is traditional to serve the "dumb supper" backward, so the dessert would be eaten first.

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