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Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? Pre-orders really help raise the visibility of my book on Amazon, so please grab your copy now and help me get to the top of the charts! 


Have you ordered your copy of The Solitary Wicca Guide yet?

With launch day just a few days away, each pre-order makes a HUGE impact on the success of this book. Your purchase really helps to show Amazon that this book matters, and that you support the author.

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I really appreciate the support that Sacred Wicca gets from everyone!  Thank you so much!

To show my appreciation here's a free download of Lughnasadh Tarot Spread. 


Lughnasadh is a harvest festival marking the time when the first crops would have been traditionally reaped. Grain is the center of the festival as it is threshed and milled after the first harvest.

Bake a loaf of Oat Bread for Lammas