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The Arcane Herbal Code


In old magickal recipes and spells, strange ingredients are often called for that cannot always be taken literally.  In one ancient Greco-Egyptian spell, the recipe called for "the navel of a male crocodile", which really meant pond weed;  "the heart of a baboon" meant oil of lily.  Here’s what those unusual nouns really meant. 

  The sacrifice in folklore was usually an egg buried in the ground or mandrake root carved in a crude human shape or poppet.






Aaron's Rod: Goldenrod, Mullein

Absinthe: WormwoodThe HERBAL ARCANE

Achillea: Yarrow

Adder’s tongue: Plantain

African Ginger: Ginger

Aftator Pear: Avocado

All Heal: Mistletoe, Valerian

American Dittany: Basil

Aneton: Dill

An Eagle: Wild Garlic 

Aquifolius: Holly

Archangel: Angelica



Assear: Comfrey

Ass's Foot or Bull's Foot: Coltsfoot 

Ava - Kava Kava

Bad Man's Plaything: Yarrow

Bat’s Wool: Moss

Bairnwort - Daisy

Bat’s wing:  Holly leaf

Battree - Elder 

Bear's Foot: Lady's Mantle

Bee Balm:  Lemon Balm

Beer Flower:  Hops

Beggar's Buttons: Burdock

Beggarweed:  Dodder

Bereza: Birch

Bindweed:  Morning Glory

Bird's Eye:  Pansy, Germander

Bird's Foot: Feunugreek

Bird's Nest:  Carrot

Biscuits:  Tomentil

Bitter Greass:  Ague Root

Bitter Root: Gentian

Black Cherry: Belladonna

Black Maidenhair: Black Spleenwort

Black Sampson: Echinacea

Black Wort:  Comfrey

Blessed Herb:  Avens, Pimpernel

Blind Buff: Poppy

Blood: Elder sap or another tree sap 

Blood of Hephaistos: Wormwood 

Blood from a Head: Lupine

Bloody fingers:  Foxglove

Blue Buttons: Periwinkle

Blue Eyes: Potato

Blood of Ares: Purslane 

Blood of a Goose: Mulberry Tree's Milk 

Bloodwort: Yarrow 

Blood of Hestia: Chamomile 

Blood of an Eye: Tamarisk Gall 

Blood from a Shoulder: Bear's Breach 

Bodily Fluids:  House leek

Bone of an Ibis: Buckthorn

Bottle Brush: Horse Tail

Brain Thief: Mandrake

Brains:  Congealed gum from a cherry tree

Bread and Cheese Tree: Hawthorne

Bride of the Meadow:  Meadowsweet

Bride of the Sun: Marigold

Braisewort:  Comfrey, Daisy

Bull's Blood or Seed of Horus: Horehound 

Burning Bush: White Dittany

Calendula: Marigold

Calf's Snout: Snapdragon 

Cankerwort: Dandelion, Ragwort

Candlemas Maiden: Snowdrop

Candlewick Plant: Mullein

Cape Gum: Acacia

Capon's Tail: Valerian

Carpenter's Weed: Yarrow

Catmint: Catnip

Cat's Foot: Canada Snake Root and/or Ground Ivy 

Cat's Wort: Catnip

Cheeses: Marsh Mallow

Cherry Pie: Heliotrope

Chewing John: Glangal

China Root: Galangal

Chinese Parsley: Coriander

Chocolate: Carob

Chocolate Flower: Wild Geranium 

Christ's Eye: Vervain Sage 

Christ's Ladder: Centaury

Christ's Thorn: Holly

Church Steeple: Agrimony

Clear-eye: Clary Sage 

Click: Goosegrass 

Clot: Great Mullein 

Clove Root: Avens

Corpse candles:  Mullein

Corpse Plant: Indian Pipe 

Couch Grass: Witch's Grass

Cowgrass: Knotweed

Crocodile dung:  Black earth

Crowdy Kit: Figwort 

Crow Corn: Ague Root

Crow's Foot: Cranesbill

Crown for a King: Wormwood

Crown of Thorns: Euphorbia

Cuckoo's Bread: Common Planatin

Cuddy's Lungs: Great Mullein 

Cucumber Tree: Magnolia

Cupids Car: Wolf's Bane

Daphne: Bay Laurel

Death Angel: Agaric

Death Flower: Yarrow

Death's Herb: Belladonna

Delight of the Eye: Rowan

Devil's Apple: Datura

Devil's Cherries: Belladonna

Devils Dung: Asafoetida 

Devil's' Eye: Henbane, Periwinkle

Devil's Flower: Bachelor's Buttons

Devil's Plaything: Yarrow

Dew of the Sea: Rosemary

Dog's Mouth: Snap Dragon

Dollar: Meadowsweet

Dove's Foot: Wild Geranium

Dragon's Blood: Calamus 

Dragon’s scales:  Bistort leaves

Dragon Wort: Bistort 

Dumbledore's Delight: Wolf's Bane

Ear of an ass:  Comfrey

Ear of a goat:  St. John`s Wort

Earth Smoke: Fumitory 

Elf Leaf: Lavender, Rosemary

Elf's Wort: Elecampane 

Enchanter's Plant: Vervain 

English Cowslip: Primrose

Englishman's Foot: Common Plantain 

Erba Santa Maria: Spearmint 

Everlasting Friendship: Goosegrass 

Eye Balm: Goldenseal

Eye of Christ: Germander Speedwell

Eye of the Day: Common Daisy 

Eye of Newt: Mustard Seed

Eye of the Star: Horehound 

Eye Root: Goldenseal 

Eyes: Aster, Daisy, Eyebright 

Fairies Horses: Ragwort

Fair Lady: Belladonna

Fairy Bells: Sorrell, Wood

Fairy Cup: Cow Slip

Fairy Fingers: Foxglove

Fairy Smoke: Indian Pipe 

Fairy Petticoats: Foxglove

Fairy Weed: Foxglove

False Wintergreen: Pipsissewa

Fat from a Head: Spurge

Felon Herb: Mugwort 

Field Hops: Yarrow

Fingers:  Cinquefoil

Five Fingers: Cinquefoil

Flute Plant: Meadow Rue

Folk's Gloves: Foxglove

Fox Bells: Foxglove

Foxtail: Club Moss

French Wheat: Buckwheat

Frog's Foot: Bulbous Buttercup

From the Belly: Earth-apple 

From the Foot: Houseleek 

From the Loins: Chamomile

Frozen Roses: Wood Rose

Fruit of the Gods: Apple

Fruit of the Underworld: Apple

Gagroot: Lobelia

Gallowsgrass: Hemp

Garden Heliotrope: Valerian

Ghost Flower: Datura

Gillies: Carnation

Gin Plant: Juniper

Giver of Life: Corn

Goat's Foot: Ash Weed 

Goat's Leaf: Honeysuckle

Goat's Weed: St John's Wort

God's Hair: Hart's Tongue Fern 

Golden Bough: Mistletoe

Golden Star: Avens 

Goldes: Marigold

Gosling Wing: Goosegrass 

Graveyard Dust: Mullein 

Graveeard Flowers: Plumeria

Ground Apple: Chamomile

Ground Raspberry: Golden Seal

Great Ox-eye: Ox-eye Daisy 

Hair:  Maidenhair fern

Hairs of a Hamadryas Baboon: Dill Seed 

Hair of Venus: Maidenhair Fern 

Hag's Taper: Great Mullein 

Hagthorn: Hawthorn 

Hand:  The expanded frond from a male fern used to make the true hand of glory, which is nothing more than a candle made of wax mixed with fern

Happy Major: Burdock

Harebell: Bluebell

Hare's Beard: Great Mullein 

Hawk's Heart: Heart of Wormwood 

Heart:  Walnut

Headache: Poppy

Healing Herb: Comfrey

Helmet Flower: Scullcap

Herb of Enchantment: Vervain

Herb of Grace: Rue, Vervain 

Hind's Tongue: Hart's Tongue Fern 

Holy Herb: Yerba Santa 

Holy Rope: Hemp Agrimony 

Honey Stalks: Clove

Hook and Arn: Yerba Santa 

Horse Tongue: Hart's Tongue Fern 

Horse Hoof: Coltsfoot 

Horse Violet: Pansy

Hundred Eyes: Periwinkle 

Hundred Leaved: Grass

 Indian Dye: Golden Seal

Indian God Tree: Banyon

Indian Paint: Golden Seal

Indian Root: Trillium

Indian Sage: Bonesset 

Indian Tobacco: Lobelia 

Innocence: Bluets 

 Jacob's Ladder: Lily of the Valley

Jacob's Staff: Great Mullein 

Joy of the Mountain: Marjoram 

Joy on the Ground: Periwinkle

Jupiter's Staff: Great Mullein 

Juno's Tears: Vervain

King's Crown: Black Haw 

Knight's Milfoil: Yarrow 

Klamath Weed: St Johns Wort

Knight's Milfoil: Yarrow

Knitback: Comfrey

Kronos' Blood: Sap of Cedar 

Ladder to Heaven: Lily of the Valley

Lady's Glove: Foxglove 

Lady's Meat: Hawthorn

Lad's Love: Southernwood 

Lamb's Ears: Betony 

Lamb Mint: Spearmint

 Lion's Hairs: Tongue of a Turnip (the leaves of the taproot) 

 Lion’s Tooth:  Dandelion

Lion's Herb: Columbine

Lion's Mouth: Foxglove

Lion's Tooth: Dandelion

Little Dragon: Tarragon 

Love Fruit: Orange

Love Herbs: Lovage

Love Idol: Pansy

Love in Idleness: Pansy 

Love Leaves: Burdock 

Love Lies Bleeding: Amaranth/Anemone 

Love Man: Goosegrass 

Love Parsley: Lovage 

Love Root: Orris Root

Mackeral Mint: Spearmint 

Maiden's Ruin: Southernwood 

 Man's Bile: Turnip Sap 

Man's Health: Ginseng

Master of the Woods: Woodruff 

May: Black Haw 

May Lily: Lily of the Valley 

May Rose: Black Haw 

Mayflower: Hawthorne

Maypops: Passion Flower

Military Herb: Yarrow

Miracle Herb: Comfrey 

Mistress of the Night: Tuberose 

Mosquito Plant: Pennyroyal

Mutton Chops: Goosegrass 

Naughty Man's Cherries: Belladonna

Nine Hooks: Lady's Mantle

Nine Joints: Knotweed

Nose Bleed: Yarrow 

Obeah Wood: Ebony

Old-Maid's-Nightcap: Wild Geranium 

Old Man's Flannel: Great Mullein 

Old Man Fennel: Mullein

Old Man's Pepper: Yarrow 

Old Uncle Henry: Mugwort

Old Woman: Wormwood

Oliver: Olive 

Organ Tea: Pennyroyal

Paddock Pipes: Horsetail

Password: Primrose 

Pearl Moss: Irish Moss

Peter's Staff: Great Mullein 

Priest's Crown: Dandelion leaves 

Poor Man's Treacle: Garlic 

Pucha-Pat: Patchouli

Pig's Tail: Leopard's Bane 

Skin of a man:  Fern

Skull:  Skullcap

Queen of the Night: Vanilla Cactus 

Queen of the Meadow: Meadowsweet 

Queen of the Meadow Root: Gravelroot 

Queen's Root: Stillengia

Quick: Hawthorn

Quickbane: Rowan

Quick Grass: Witch Grass

Rabbits: Toadflax

Ram's Head: American Valerian 

Red Cockscomb: Amaranth 

Ring-o-bells: Bluebells 

Robin-run-in-the-grass: Goosegrass

Run by the ground: Pennyroyal

Sacred Bark: Cascara Sagrada

Sacred Herb: Yerba Santa

Sacred Mother: Corn

Sacred Mushroom: Agaric

Sailor's Tobacco: Mugwort

Scaldhead: Blackberry

See Bright: Clary Sage

Seed of Horus: Horehound

Semen of Ammon: Houseleek

Semen of Ares: Clover

Semen of Helios: White Hellebore 

Semen of Herakles: Mustard-rocket 

Semen of Hermes: Dill 

Semen of Hephaistos: Fleabane 

Seven Year's Love: Yarrow

Shameface: Wild Geranium

Shepherd's Heart: Shepherd's Purse

Silver Bells: Black Haw

Silver Dollar: Honesty

Snake:  Bistort (Polygonurn Bistorta)

Snake’s Blood:  Hematite stone

Snake's Grass: Yarrow

Soapwort: Comfrey or Daisy

Soldier's Tea: Horehound

Sorcerer's Berry: Belladonna

Sorcerer's Herb: Datura

Sorcerer's Violet: Periwinkle

Sparrow's Tongue: Knotweed 

St. John's Herb: Hemp Agrimony 

St. John's Plant: Mugwort 

Star Flower: Borage 

Star of the Earth: Avens 

Starweed: Chickweed 

Storm Hat: Wolf's Bane

Summer's Bride: Marigold

Sweethearts: Goosegrass 

Swine's Snout: Dandelion Leaves

Tanner's Bark: Toadflax

Tarragon: Mugwort 

Tartar Root: Ginseng 

Tears of a Hamadryas Baboon: Dill Juice

Thousand Weed: Yarrow 

Thunder Plant: House Leek 

Titan's Blood: Wild Lettuce 

Tongue of Dog: Houndstongue

Tooth or teeth:  Pinecones

Torches: Great Mullein 

Unicorn horn:  True unicorn root (Aletris farinosa)

Unicorn Root: Ague Root 

Wax Dolls: Fumitory 

Weazel Snout: Yellow Archangel 

White: Ox-eye Daisy 

White Man's Foot: Common Plantain

White Wood: White Cinnamon 

Witch's Asprin: White Willow Bark 

Witch's Brier: Brier Hips 

Weasel Snout: Yellow Archangel

Wolf Claw: Club Moss 

Wolf Foot: Bugle Weed 

Wolf's Milk: Euphorbia

Worms:  Gnarled, thin roots of a local tree



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