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Working with Familiars

As humans became civilized we also began to loose our connection with Nature.  Instead of trying to work with Nature we tried to master Nature and view it as a resource for the gain of human kind.  In response the spirits of Nature withdrew from us. 
We as witches seek to maintain a rapport and partnership with Nature.  Animals are more “in tune” with Nature in daily life than are human beings, so establishing a communication with animals brings us closer to the source.  Possessing a Familiar spirit allows us to merge with the instincts of the animal and communicate with the intelligence of Nature.
The physical senses such as hearing and smell are much more sensitive in animals and they have a very strong psychic sense.  A close relationship with a Familiar spirit will not only enhance our physical abilities but also our psychic abilities.
When a Familiar merges with the consciousness of a human it has the opportunity to view an expanded reality and the energy pattern of the Familiar intensifies.  The worlds of human and Nature combine to form a magical consciousness with the Familiar as mediator. 
The magickal consciousness of the Witch and Familiar can open portals to other realms and can accomplish woks of magick in the material realm and astral plane.
There are essential three types of Familiar spirits:  the physical, the astral/spirit, and the artificial Familiar.  The physical Familiar is any live animal to which you feel drawn.  The astral/spirit Familiar is one that exists as a conscious entity within the elemental realm.  The artificial Familiar is one that is created through magick (such as our thought forms).
Familiars can help us with carrying energy for healing, communication or spell casting.  The Familiar can also be used for protection of the home and property.  During sessions of trance, astral travel, meditation and dream work the Familiar can safeguard us on many levels.  The Familiar can also retrieve information on the material and astral planes.

Animal Circle of Healing


Before Casting your Magick Circle, demarcate the entire Circle with thistle blossoms or place a thistle flower at each of the four quarters. Bring the animal into the Circle to intensify any healing or cleansing spells.
Judika Illes


Animal Communication Spell Oil


This oil may be used to enhance communication with animals. To use, dress candles with the oil before meditation, communication or spell work.

On the night of the New Moon, Place apple blossoms, dried pomegranate seeds and snake root in a bottle. Cover with sweet almond or jojoba oil. Allow the mixture to blend together until the night of the Full Moon. Strain the oil and it's ready to use.

Judika Illes



Spell to Find a Lost Animal

  • Go to a crossroads
  • Face West in the direction of the setting sun
  • Bow from the waist nine times
  • Do this three times for a total of twenty seven bows, while calling the animal as you normally would, chanting prayers or petitioning the Goddess for help.
  • When you have completed the twenty seven bows take ten steps backwards without turning around.
  • Turn around and go home.
Judika Illes


Animal Protectors

Cats - Artemis, Bastet, Freya, Hecate, Lilith
Big Cats (Tigers, Lions etc.) - Dionysus
Dogs - Artemis, Hecate, Ogun
Horses - Anat, Demeter, Epona, Poseidon, Rhiannon
Toads - Agwe, Heket
Snakes - Athena, Lilith, Simbi, Lady Asherah
Cows - Brigit, Hathor, Hermes, Isis, Lakshmi, Maeve, Shiva
Fish - Atargis,Yemaya
Pigs - Demeter, Seth
Animals in General - Aphrodite, Artemis, Baba Yaga, Faunus, Hathor, Lilith

Judika Illes


Spell to Declare your Cat a Familiar
You will need:

3 black candles
    Rose oil
A crystal bowl.

Set up your altar by moonlight and call your cat into the room so that she will provide magickal protection.  Take the 3 black candles and melt the wax slowly in the crystal bowl.
When it's malleable,shape it into the image of a black cat,set it upon your  altar, next pluck 3 hairs from your head and set them about the neck of the cat like a collar. Anoint the effigy with rose oil and mark a Pentacle upon it's head, finally take some hairs from your cat(asking first so as not to
offend!) and press them into the wax.

Fill the image with your magickal intention to love and understand the soul and spirit of your cat,for this is what the image represents,by this act of bonding,your cat friend is now your familiar,for you have declared your intent to the spirits. Always keep the image on your altar,or someplace of special meaning to you.
Spell to Release a Pet to the Underworld
white candle
black ink pen
white paper
cauldron or bowl

"I am here in this circle cast, in the dark of the night To help release  (pet's name)   to the underworld.  Life is a circular path that everyone must walk.  
And one day we each come to the end of the path.  I am here this day, to help  let (pet's name)   go……. May the Goddess and God smile upon her/his furry little heart. May the Goddess and God sooth (pet's name).  
Light the white candle and meditate on your situation. On the white paper,  write out what you desire for your pet's release. Fold the paper three times and light it from the candle.  Drop it into the cauldron and repeat this chant.
Goddess let (pet's name)   go
Send her/him with love.
We will walk on,
With her/him in our hearts.
So Mote it Be!