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trying to find my way as a medium and trying to find somethings to help me grow as one too.

This website is beautiful and Helpful thank you

Would love to receive newsletters .
For I am new ,I would appreciate advice.
Blessed Be

Thank you very much! Gorgeous website!

I love this site! Full of knowledge and greatly useful! Thank you very much! Blessed Be, In love and light.

I love your website. Would like to send you on a poem on witchcraft that I have written. Can you confirm that you e mail is, That is what came up on my screen. If not can you let me have the correct one. I write poetry and also my own rituals. Blessed Be. Eileen (U.K.)

This is brilliant! Love it!

I am just beginning my journey into Wicca and I am so excited! The little bit that I have learned and practiced have really started to make a difference in not only me but the people around me. I travel as much as I can to the mountain to be in nature and ground and center there as well as at home. I live in the desert so going up there really fills me with peace and energy. I just started looking at your website and found it FULL of information. I am getting my grounding, centering, meditation and visualization practice in then when I feel ready, I will move on to the next part of the journey. I just want to make sure that I learn the history and meaning of the gift that I am receiving. I feel AMAZING!!. I am looking forward to reading all areas of your site. Thank you for your hard work in creating it!
Blessed be

Thank you for the hard work and dedication. Keep it up and stay safe!

beautiful your feather interpretations! much peace and love

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