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i am new to Wicca and am hoping to learn more about it and ran into this page.

Hi I am always wanting to learn more, this fascinates me. Some of this is so familiar from another life.

Thank you for this resource.

thank you ..,blessed be

Thank you very much. I am extremely new to things and you have had answers to questions I hadn’t even asked yet.

Thank you for providing me with more info on witchcraft

Searching for a cleansing ritual for my very large crystals. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Blessed be

Thank you for the new knowledge. I appreciate your site.

I love your website sister, and I will use it from now on, no matter what my parents say!

I seen some form of supernatural but I can't find what the creatures is can you help me? It is is a shape of a human is all sandy and black head to ankles the feet disappear to nothing. The face has glowing blood red eyes and curled red smirk. What is this spirit I long to remember after knowing him for 15 years.

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