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I just discovered your website. I'm very impressed. Thank you for your time and willingness to share your knowledge.

I found this site while looking for a banishing powder recipe, since we have a malevolent spirit roaming around our house. Poked around at some of the other stuff posted here, and there are so many great resources here! I've bookmarked the page for when I need to look up recipes or research spells! Thank you very much for putting this together, it's wonderful.

Very insightful and helpful! Thank you....

Thank you for your guidance! Blessed be and merry meet

Very helpful and useful information. Thank you!

Thank you. Very helpful. I am always searching for all types of herbal properties in my magical endeavors!

Just found your site. I love it and will be using it from now on. Thank you! Blessed Be )O(

flowers have always meant sooo much to me, i would like to understand the influence this part of nature plays in my life and learning path...

Thank you for such a lovely straight forward lay out of a website. With all those magical touches - and information

I haven't practiced in a while but suddenly got the urge to and wanted inspiration. Glad i found this website.

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