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I normally am not this selfish..but if you could, please send my some positive energy so I can try to beat the debilitating depression that's consuming me..
I'm new to wives and I want to devote my self to it through and through. I need to be better so that I may be able to heal others as well.
Love you much
And thank you for listening.

I am new to Wicca, but have been loosely following the pagan way for many years. Thanks for making your knowledge available to the solitary witches in the universe. Blessed Be!

Greetings, I love your site!!! Blessings Be.

Thank you for all the great information you make available on your website! I was searching for the properties of cedar and found so much more!

I really enjoyed reading through your website. Nicely done. Blessed Be

Thank you for sharing the invocation to Isis. Wonderful!

This is an awesome website.

wicca name Luna Waynn Idiko (moonlight resistance warrior)

Life Path #11
Inner Dream #11
Expression Name #9
Soul Urge Name #5
Rational thought #9
How do you know what type of wicca you are as in what is your specialties.I know it is somewhat based off your numbers.

The Hecate info was cool. Not bad for a beginner.

lovely site,good info

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