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Absolutely wonderful site. I am staying with family for a few months and all of my witchy goodies are in storage, including all my books so it's kind of hard to some of my simple rituals throughout the week. This site has almost everything I have in my personal BOS. Thank you for creating and sharing all this great info. Blessed be!!

Awesome website! Blessed be!

dis good

I love your website!! I just have one question. When it comes to things like oils, if I'm looking for something specific like "oils to use to make a cleansing incense" where would I type that in? Or maybe I just haven't looked far enough. Sorry if it's a dumb question. Thank you.

Thanks for the book suggestions. I plan on purchasing a few of them.

I was born very near the New Moon, hence my email address. I was nearly overwhelmed by the amount of information you have on your website regarding the many correspondences and most especially names of the New Moon! I had no idea. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


Greetings fro Sydney, Australia.
It has been just lovely to find this site.
Blessings upon you x

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merry meet
i am Wicca and have been a solitary Wicca I have been looking for a mentor because i am also emphatic and have a hard time with controlling it.

I love this website.

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