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Thanks for making this site ! So much useful info ! Love and Light <3

hello, I just discovered this site, love reading

Dear Sister,
Thank you for what you do ❤️ Yesterday I was calling to a goddess to work with for this for this months dark moon (I am part of a small dark moon circle here in Illinois) and Goddess Maia heard my call. Always grateful for such magical synchronization, especially at this very time on our planet.
I’ve been feeling her and now know who She is

I'm so glad I found this site! I've had so much fun reading through different things!

I am glad that I found your website. Lately, I have been researching and trying to find a path in Wicca. Sadly, I couldn't find much help. But this website has helped me a lot in affirmation and is already guiding me towards a better path of Wiccan religion. Though, being from India, I haven't been able to find out any coven that I can start my journey with. So, I will be really glad if you help me with something that I can do on my own.
Again, amazing work.

I’m a green witch myself and I love the way you talk about “Robin Hood” lol

Hi there just a quick thank you for all the assistance I've had from your site over the years. The base and foundation of my path started with Wicca and is still core to my reality. At times I digress from these routes as my journey takes me into other schools of thought and tradition in search of enlightenment however eclectic I may be I am wiccan through and through I haven't been here for a while but could never have grasped any of it without your site stay safe in these trying times blessed be

beginner here! Everything is So helpful! cant wait to read your book!

Wow, this is really helpful, I'm just getting into witchcraft, and this really helps!

Thank you for your advice and information!

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