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I'm new to Wicca, and I'm so glad I found your site! Provided tons of useful information to incorporate into my own Book of Shadows.

Was searching for information on cords and knots magic ,and your website came up i’m Happy that clicked on so much information and the presence of beauty and love.

I love this site! <3 keep up the good work!

What an extraordinarily great website! This is a remarkable amount of information in one place. Thank you profoundly for such a well-organized place to find such an abundance of knowledge! Blessed be!

I've fallen in love with what you Sisters do in your Coven and felt immediate attraction towards your workings, your lovely and powerful energy and what a serious and magical group you make and how you seem to bond like real Sisters, not only of the Craft, i mean like blood sisters. i think i would have been very happy and blessed to have you ladies as friends and sisters and wouldn't hesitate in asking for joining, but i live in Europe (Spain) and we are far away.
Merry Meet

I was looking up information on Goddess Luna and it brought me to your page. I loved reading what you wrote about her. I bookmarked your website to visit again. Blessed be!

I have learned so much from you in such a short time. Thank you.

I truly wanted to change my hair color without dying it, NO spell was used so I wish for it with all my heart a few days later my hair started to change color in a month it went from gold to ginger.
When i want someone thing with all my heart I don't even tell no one it always come true.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I recently discovered my Patron Deity as well as my Spirit Animal. I am so pleased and happy to be on this journey & I appreciate You for sharing, not just your knowledge, but your insight as well.
Blessed Be ❤️

I was born FEY I have always kept this secret, I have known a practicing white witch for 20 years she is married to a friend of mine. She knows the Wicca Law very well. I have always been the solitary kind of witch. I have never told her of this but she knows I have the gift (it can be a curse at times, there are somethings I wish I could not foresee) . People sometimes ask me how I know, I just say I have a sixth sense, this explanation keeps them happy.
I recently had a major Surgical operation and she said she would do a protection ceremony for me, Drawing Down the Moon. I was lying on a gurney in a cold room before the operation (they always keep them cold) and even though there were no A/C vents nearby I suddenly felt a warmth wrap its arms around me that stayed until the anesthesia put me to sleep. It was very comforting and a moving experience. The operation went well. Thanks for this site. I have just started to research
my Wiccan self and Wiccan Law and history. My ancestors were born
in the west counties of Cornwall. Perhaps????

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