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Thank you for showing me a new way of life, a better way.

Great information and guidance! Thank you

New here but loving it so far!

Hey stumbled upon this site. I enjoyed it! Was looking for a spell but instead read about the importance of burning written spells. I was curious what the difference would be if i buried the paper instead of setting it to flames. Would it have a different affect? Is burial for a different purpose, if so then what? I heard of witch jars being created then buried but i can't configure why or what for. Thanks! bless.

Goddess Rhiannon brought me here as I was searching for more information to create an altar for her! Glad I found this site, helpful information! Thank you for sharing! I liked your FB page as well! ~*Blessings to you *~

I want to learn more about wicca. This website is just so great!

Just researching for a novel, and my own interests. This website is very fascinating and really appeals to my inner spirits.

Hi there!

A friend linked me to your page on Pan! Happy to have been led to you :) I was born on Vancouver Island, and now I dwell in the Prairies. Much love to you and your coven <3

I'm new here but love love love what I've seen. Thankyou.

Thank you for all the great and interesting information!
Your site has been a great help, so again, thank you!
Many Blessings,

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